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Changes to Laws & Payroll Updates for 2023

With the onset of the new year comes an opportunity for us to invite you to join us for a webinar aimed at updating you with upcoming changes in the HR world for the year 2023.

This webinar shall deal with two main facets affecting employment and human resources planning for the year 2023. Dr Roselyn Borg and Dr Patrick Farrugia will start off by going through some crucial changes which were recently enacted under local employment legislation, including matters relating to probation and fixed term contracts. Thereafter, Ms Lynn McCormick, one of Malta's leading payroll experts, will guide you through vital changes made to payroll administration and employment entitlements for the year 2023.

Attendance is a must for all HR professionals and people managers who wish to stay abreast with the latest developments in the world of employment.


Webinar will be delivered via Zoom.

This is a past event. Click here to browse our next events!

10 January 2023


EUR 30

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