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Business Law

Whilst keeping in line with employment matters is one of the greatest bones of contention on any business operator’s mind, we recognise that there are several other matters remain pertinent to the smooth operation of the business itself. The team at Ten Yards Legal offers various ancillary business services to assist its clients in various aspects.

Business Colleagues

Planning Ahead

Safety is one of the greatest assets you can provide to yourself in the course of your business. Among the best ways to ensure that your company is covered in all aspects is to have in place adequately drafted terms of business, which will undoubtedly become one of the most crucial documents your business will possess throughout its lifetime. In terms of business, clarity is key, and ensuring that you clearly outline your business model, whilst also delineating the obligations pertaining to both yourself and your clients, will help your business operate smoothly and without issue. The team at Ten Yards Legal can help you draft watertight terms and conditions to ensure that your business operations are adequately safeguarded, whatever the nature of your business and the platforms upon which it operates.


Contractual Matters

Throughout the course of business, you will be in touch with an abundance of individuals when dealing in commercial matters. Oftentimes, such matters will result in decisions and transactions which would be best regulated in written format. An expertly drafted agreement will ensure the safety of both your business and its operations, and the team at Ten Yards Legal can help you with all your needs, whether with relation to the initial drafting process, or to adding the final touches to any such commercial contract.

Ten Yards Legal prides itself on using expertise gained through years of practice with commercial clients, in order to understand their needs and requirements when drafting any form of commercial agreement, and this in line with ever-changing regulations and trends across economic industries. The team therefore aims to provide clients with individual assistance that caters specifically to their needs. We can help you draft, or otherwise review, any form of commercial agreement that may be required, such as contractor (self-employment) agreements, commercial rental agreements, service and maintenance agreements, among others.


Credit Control

As one of the biggest headaches faced by most enterprises, debt chasing quickly becomes an overly taxing matter which many businesses struggle to follow-up on. We understand that your time would be far better spent focusing specifically on your own business and the management thereof. Therefore, outsourcing your credit control burdens, whether in whole or in part, can certainly provide you with just that.

Ten Yards Legal offers professional credit chasing services, which may be characterised by a variety of instruments and styles depending on each and every situation. Get in touch with us to discuss and draw up a coordinated plan of action to ensure that you may focus on what is most important to your business, whilst your cash-flow woes and worries are left in professional hands.

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