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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations A to Z

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Investigations need not necessarily be triggered by a formal request for one to be conducted, as its necessity may oftentimes come about indirectly, thus begging the question - how will I know when to start sleuthing?


Throughout their professional experience, HR professionals and managers alike can surely bank on finding themselves tasked with conducting an investigation into workplace matters, which more often than not would relate to some form of misconduct. Once triggered, an investigation must be meticulously planned out, and followed through diligently whilst keeping in mind various principles such as fairness, impartiality and consistency.


During this webinar, attendees will be taken a step backwards, providing them with effective insight in order to help them determine when to start an investigation. We will then delve into matters such as how to structure an effective investigation plan, tips on adequate evidence-collection and on the questioning of witnesses, together with crucial report-writing hints and tips and tricks for an effective investigation which safeguards both your business and your employees’ rights.


Attendees will be encouraged to participate and share their views, experiences, and best practices. Practical examples will also be given throughout the webinar, in order for attendees to obtain a solid grasp of the subject.

Webinar delivered via Zoom.

23 June 2022


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