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Managing sickness

Managing Sickness Absence & its Legal Implications

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Dealing with sickness absences in a way which protects both the employer and the employee is a complex matter, wherein every step must be taken with caution. HR professionals must assess each and every situation depending on the length and frequency of absence, its justifications, and the employer’s rights and obligations in this regard.


Incapacity to work may result from various health factors, whether related to physical or mental health conditions, and ever-growing medical research and knowledge has widened the scope of bodily health and wellbeing significantly, going way beyond the traditionally understood physical ailments. This webinar aims to guide you in your strategy planning when dealing with any form of sick leave, from the most minor kind, to the most cumbersome situations.


You will be provided with essential tips and considerations for you to keep in mind in order to ensure that you remain in line with legal expectations in every move you make, in order to avoid having to face troubling legal repercussions further down the line.

Webinar delivered via Zoom.

19 May 2022


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