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How to Manage the Unmanageable

A rotten apple can spoil the lot – and your lot is too precious to spoil. Yet, your job of picking out the offending fruit is often a daunting prospect at best. You may very well be next, so make sure you’re prepared to face your upcoming challenge.


Managers and human resources professionals alike are often required, whether directly on request or due to the consequences of dissipating morale, to address employees with difficult behaviour.


The cardinal mistake is to let these matters slide. The employee concerned may very well sink deeper into their self-destructive behaviour, whilst the remainder of your staff may start reconsidering whether their job is worth the hassle of dealing with that individual on a regular basis.


During this webinar, we will discuss the most common causes and consequences of employee mismanagement, and through the study of cases based on real situations your own colleagues may have already encountered, we will discuss effective ways of how to ensure a congenial atmosphere at work.


Webinar will be delivered via Zoom.

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6 October 2022


EUR 30

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