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Beyond the Basics – Contracts of Employment

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Very often, contracts of employment go beyond simple provisions on working time and vacation leave entitlements. The more senior the role, the more complex the contract will get. Affording yourself adequate protection goes a long way, and complex provisions for senior contracts cannot be simply extracted from a set of draft clauses but must be carefully moulded and composed to reflect the actual individual role, together with its assigned responsibilities and liabilities.


During this webinar, your tutors will be sharing their experiences of regular slip-ups faced in employment contract drafting, together with tips on how to avoid such cardinal mistakes, covering amongst others:

  • Regular drafting errors and how to avoid them

  • Expressed terms vs. implied terms

  • Pre-liquidated damages

  • Making changes to the employment contract

  • External interests

  • Commission and bonus clauses


Webinar will be delivered via Zoom.

14 July 2022


EUR 30

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