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Christmas Parties – what can go wrong?

The holiday period may not seem to be on our doorstep yet, but preparations for work Christmas parties may soon be underway. Whilst a jovial atmosphere is surely what we’re all looking for, there’s never any guarantee that everything will run as smoothly as we wish.


So what’s an HR professional to do when faced with a case of say, verbal abuse, physical altercation, or even unwarranted sexual advances between staff members during a Christmas get-together? Shall the answer be to ban alcohol during parties, or not even organise one altogether?


Draconian blanket measures may not necessarily be the answer, but it always helps to be prepared. Don’t let yourself get caught out with a situation you find yourself unable to handle right before we all head off for Christmas. During this webinar, we will take a look at some of the most classic Christmas party mishaps and work out every possible contingency to ensure that you are well prepared ahead of time to deal with any holiday party blunders you may find yourself in charge of resolving.


Webinar will be delivered via Zoom.

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10 November 2022


EUR 30

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