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59MW Time to Say Goodbye

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Time to Say Goodbye?

Just like any other relationship, an employment relationship may run its course, and there would come a time when the best way forward in the interest of all parties is for the employer and employee to part ways. And just like in our personal relationships, the parting of ways may be for different reasons and may come with different challenges. Or let us say, differing levels of emotional impact.


During this webinar we will go through the various reasons why an employment relationship ends, or must end. We will give you the necessary tips and tools to handle the different types of termination processes, from termination due to a good and sufficient cause, to retirement, mutual settlement, and much more. During the webinar we shall refer to case-law, ensuring we bring the law to life through practical examples.


This 59-Minute Webinar will walk you through the ideal way to terminate employment relationships whilst safeguarding your legal standing in the best way possible. It will also highlight the laws to be followed and the pitfalls you may face, including potential litigation and how to avoid it.


HR professionals, managers and those responsible for employees will find this webinar an eye-opening resource.


Webinar will be delivered via Zoom.

7 February 2023


EUR 30

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